This weeks collaborative output allowed me to explore and interpret the design process of a classmate. That being said, me and Sophia created our output based off each of our designs. Sophia chose to layer mediums for her design, and create an abstract visual piece with vivid color and imagery…

They say you choose your own destiny. But maybe, just maybe, your life is set in stone the moment you take your first breath on this earth. Maybe the moment you are removed from your mothers womb you are put on a predestined path that no one, including you, can change. I see myself doing everything in my power to change the outcome of the depressing novel that is titled: “My Life”. I push and push myself to make a mark on this world, and establish a name other than claiming the sad and depressing title of a lost soul. But at this point in my life I feel that there is no possible way that this can happen. No matter how many fake faces I put on to impress people, no matter how many friends I try to have, or how many antidepressants I consume, I will always be the unknown soul. After 18 years of living in constant fear that no one will like me, understand me, or even appreciate the love and loyalty that I give to another, I realize that my nightmare has finally become a reality.

Life is what we make of it. You sit alone, do nothing, don’t make friends, don’t find love, you end with with a dark and depressing life. The life you MADE. I sit in my bed and think about everything I’ve done, and if it’s even worth being proud of…


  • Cinnamon apple oatmeal
  • Cereal w/ oat milk
  • Smoothie bowl


  • Mediterranean bowl
  • Pita, hummus, peppers, corn
  • Vegan tacos


  • Vegan pizza with side salad
  • Vegan fish tacos
  • Vegan chicken tenders with peppers and apples


After eating 3 consistent meals a day my body definitely feels more energized. Although, I still feel the urge to snack late night/binge which makes me feel crappy since I ate throughout the entire day. Something is telling me it would be easier to just not eat throughout the day and then save my appetite for those late night snacks rather than eating all day on top of the snacking.

After eating the heavy lunch, my body doesn’t feel overly bloated but definitely heavier. My upper abdomen is tight and I feel fullness when I massage my stomach…it’s almost painful when I do so.

I breathe in the fragile luminosity that resides in a brittle soul. My peaked symptoms of deep and brutal anxiety meets its final match today.

From dirty depression to over achieving self-equilibrium, I find myself stuck at the top of a mountain of great ascent. At the bottom, a clear…

For my constant output project, I chose to detail my life in a third person perspective by creating a piece of writing each week. The writing pieces entail a certain moment in my life, and represents my understanding of how I am feeling mentally in a given moment. I feel…

Joshua Heningburg

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